Lamp Forest is composed of second-hand lamps collected by the artists (Anna Kell & Jonathan Clyde Frey) in Johnson City & Kingsport, Tennessee; Gainesville, Florida; Columbus, Indiana; and Dayton, Ohio. The collection is limited to include only those lamps that depict or represent a version of idealized nature. Viewed in a darkened room, the piece itself gives off the only light. The lamps are configured to feel and look like a forest, inhabited with grizzly bears, cypress knees, leopards, swans, wildflowers and whatever additional flora & fauna the lamps display.

There are multiple questions under investigation; however, the central focus is upon the way nature is represented in our cultural commodities. This collection of lamps also brings into question issues of class, taste, and aesthetics. Though
these objects were found and collected in the specific locales, they extend beyond the local and demonstrate the relationship that mass-production has with the unique culture of any particular place.

Lamp Forest, detail
Lamp Forest, detail
collected secondhand lamps