At the invitation of the museum's director, I developed a mural project that would engage with the themes of the semester’s show SPEAK / ACT / MAKE while supporting students' active participation of the literally "progressive", social-practice exhibition. Over the course of the first month of the semester, my painting students and I created a 15’ x 60’ mural utilizing crowd-sourced designs and focusing on figure/ground interactions and visual communication.

Mirror, Mural was created for Bucknell University's Samek Museum in January and February 2017 by Carly Hyde, Anna Kell, Lena Miskulin, Dylan Reynolds, Rebecca Reeve, Julieta Robinowitz, Chelsea Rosenberg, Kaitlin Salisbury, Clara Sandu, Dominic Scicchitano, Zachary Seger, Ariel Senackerib, Olivia Spaccasi, and Kimberly Winter. It remained on exhibit through March 19, 2017.