Interested in intersections of seemingly oppositional forces, I typically explore how binarisms—-nature/culture, male/female, trash/glamor—-are reinforced by cultural imagery
and narratives. Relatedly, my work foregrounds the rawness and authenticity of the unconventional, everyday materials I use while simultaneously reframing the materials within (or as) spaces of painterly illusionism. This sensibility encourages a process of reorientation as viewers must navigate the relationship between materials and images.

Sleep Numbers is my collection of explorations based on the sleeping figures found in mattress advertisements. While the ads hinge on a logic of artifice that seems to prioritize the complexity of individuals while subtly pitting them against one another, I use the figures, which maintain the original tension of sleepless nights and domestic disagreement, to expose how even our most personal rituals and private moments have been commodified. The solution is simple: a new personalized mattress! All you have to do is discover the sleep number that is right for you.

Rose Queen Couple (Couple 3)
Acrylic and oil on reclaimed mattress fabric
81" x 63"
Couple 2
Acrylic and oil on reclaimed mattress fabric
80” x 57”

A selection of these works is on view in SLEEP NUMBERS at the Milton Art Bank from February 16-May 6, 2023. For more information, check out MAB's website or instagram.